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Gather Stool

The inspiration for the Gather Stool was derived from illustrations of Egyptian hieroglyphic elephants. The shape of the illustrations was then used as a synopsis for finding the initial outline of the Gather stool.

The Gather Stool also plays with the concept of "Gatherings" and is inspired by how Elephants in the wild group themselves to maintain support and to commune. People are able to utilize the stool, as a stool, or convert it to table to "Gather" people to form interesting topologies.

The stool is made from bent plywood and is wrapped in walnut veneer off-cuts. To introduce the concept of sustainability into the design, and somewhat taking it from another angle, the stool was initially conceived with the intention for it to be a multi-functional item (stool/table). Also, the stool is made with loosely fixing joinery to allow it to convert itself from Stool to a table.

The form of the chair was chosen to minimize development cost and time, and simplified with respect to mass production techniques.